• Analysts Say 4g Verizon Iphone Is Unlikely

    Verizon Wireless customers holding their breath for a 4G iPhone may want to exhale, as analysts dismissed a recent report that claimed the company would begin selling an LTE-capable device following the holidays. Alterations to the current iPhone would be too difficult to pull off in such a short amount of time, analysts said. To […]

  • Patent Engineer / Analyst: An Alternate Career Option

    Today, most of the technical graduates are considering alternate career options. There are a number of alternative career options available but in my view one of the better option for technical graduates is in the field of Intellectual Property. The field of IP covers patents, trade marks, trade secrets, designs and other creative forms of […]

  • Business analyst employment as a rewarding and challenging career

    The era of liberalisation and privatisation has diversified the role of management that is not only responsible for the growth of the organisation but has to take care of other aspects too like employees, position and image of the company, competitors etc. Though there are specialised departments dealing with different facets of managing a business, […]

  • US analysts explain how cats and kittens lap liquids with elegance

    US scientists clarify how cats and kittens lap liquids with elegance Pet cats are amongst the numerous species that, as opposed to humans, can’t near their mouths and produce suction. With assist from from high-speed video taken of a felines lapping liquid, analysts on the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies (MIT) and Princeton University found that […]

  • Forex Signals Forex Trading Software – Tips For Forex Software Reviews

    Most people make simple things complicated. Take for example forex trading. It sounds complicated but it might sound complicated just because you may not be familiar with what it is. But really making money in the foreign exchange is as simple as buying a currency when it is going up and selling a currency when […]

  • HACCP Software

    HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is the main way that almost all Countries in the world use to ensure safer food from our food producing factories and, since 2006, our restaurants, pubs, hotels and other catering businesses. Yet, ignorance prevails throughout the UK and the world on what HACCP is really all about. Even […]

  • Getting the Most of Stock Market with Stock Market Analysis Software

    There are a number of wonderful features in the stock market analysis software of the world’s markets. You can now find efficient methods of communication, of information sharing, and automated analysis software for a variety of different applications. Technological proficiency is being applied to stock market trading as well and a number of stock trading […]