• Investing with the magic formula

    How would you like a magic formula to beat the market? A formula that was simple, easy to use, quick to apply, and almost certain to deliver superior returns over time? That’s exactly what Joel Greenblatt claims to offer in his best-seller, The Little Book that Beats the Market. Just reissued in a new edition […]

  • Investing in China’s Growth

    I was golfing with a good friend of mine a few weeks ago. He’s a hedge fund manager in California and I convinced him to fly in for the day . . . for a round of golf. It was on the course where I got some insight into investing in China. I picked Matt […]

  • Currency Exchange Investing

    The foreign exchange market is nicely referred to as an funding class that can perform, no matter the general economic climate. But to make forex trading work as an funding requires both skill and agility. In the event you suppose that’s you, then you want to know what forex trading truly involves. How are profits […]

  • Precious Metals Investing Is None Other Than Gold Investing

    Experienced investors know that gold, palladium, silver and some other metals can be used as some kind of precious metals investing. The metals especially silver and gold serve as a wealth protection in times of economic uncertainly and also throughout inflation. No matter how you look at it, precious metals investing is nearly a sure […]

  • Investing in Agricultural Stocks

    The last few months in the market have been quite nerve racking.  Stock prices are bouncing up and down like a basketball in a high school gym class.  Dow 14,000. . .Dow 13,000. . . .Dow 14,000.  The 200 and 300 point wings we see every day make picking the right stock all the more […]

  • Investing in Commodities

    Commodities are an interesting asset class right now for a number of reasons. Commodity investing is a good way to play both offense (global economic recovery) and defense (a hedge for your portfolio against rising future inflation and a falling dollar). They are also a great portfolio diversifier which can reduce the overall risk (volatility) […]

  • An Analysis Of Forex Investing Techniques

    FOREX buying and selling refers to a global, 24/7, over-the-counter, change market where currencies of various nations are bought and sold. buying and selling is at all times carried out in pairs assuming the price of forex bought to go up and that offered to fall down. It’s the largest liquid financial market making it […]

  • Foreclosures In Fairhope, Alabama- Promoting Economic Stability By Investing

    A lot of people worry about the economic damage that the foreclosures in Fairhope, Alabama are going to cause, but with the right investors, the real estate market might rebound faster than many people anticipate. If a sudden rush of investment occurs, the values of the properties might begin to return to normal levels, and […]