• Should You Invest in Real Estate in the Current Economic Climate?

    I was just thinking today about how many people in the United States, as well as many other countries around the world start to cut back on spending and investing when the economy heads south “just in case” they run into trouble and might need that reserve later on. Speaking in general, this actually contributes […]

  • Characteristics of a Great Investment Property in Any Economic Climate

    Even in this uncertain economy, there are still some basic guidelines that can help you in your property investment activities. Though different communities place a higher premium on certain types of investment property over others, following these guidelines can help you to identify the best options for your investment strategy. After all, energized buyers are […]

  • Investing During a Tough Economic Climate

    In today’s economic climate, it can be difficult to keep faith in financial planning and investing very high. That’s because most people thinking about financial planning during a rough economy – first-time investors and veterans alike – all focus on how to salvage the ruins of their savings, and very little else. This is only […]