Currency symbols and codes are an important aspect of the import export business. Traders dealing with international currencies should be aware of currency codes and rates of the country he is trading with. All the due payments of the traders are made in that particular currency. Also, an international trader is required to fill several forms and applications wherein he has to mention the particular codes, symbols and other details like currency value in INR and conversion rate.

Import export is a very profitable business, so nowadays everyone is looking for a way to get their product in the international market. Owing to the effects of globalization and improving trade relations amongst the countries, foreign trade has gained a momentum. But before you decide to go global, you need to acquire some basic information on the trade, to be a successful business owner. The fascination and excitement of doing foreign trade and earning huge profits, requires an enthusiastic attitude. The trader must also know about the tools for effective marketing of a product in an international business platform. Otherwise, he might have to bear huge loses if he lacks the basics knowledge of import/export market and the concepts to develop international marketing practices.

Some of the basic things that a trader must know are the trading procedure, different guidelines, norms and tariff given by the RBI, CBEC and DGFT. Knowing about the Currency symbols and codes is also one of the basic requirements that every trader must know before dealing in foreign currency. In case the trader is exporting then all his dues are cleared in a foreign currency, and if he is importing then he has to make payments in INR according to the ongoing currency rates. For example if a trader is exporting something to America, he should be aware that USD is the code of US currency dollar, $ is the USD symbol and the value in INR is 1 USD equals to 45.3450 INR. Hence one cannot ignore the importance of currency codes, symbols and their conversion rate. As per the guidelines of RBI the symbol for Indian rupees is Rs. mentioned before the amount. RBI is the ruling authority that notifies the value of Indian currency at par with other foreign currencies.

So if you have been planning to go global, dont hesitate over the possible negative consequences and step back; rather search for the required information and approach the international trading community with more confidence. There are several websites that can provide you with detailed information on useful and basic topics related to import export business. Infodrive India is a popular online database that provides all the basic information on the trade like currency symbols, currency converter, Unit converter, PIN codes, STD codes, ISD codes, port codes, Quantity codes and so on. Besides all this info the company also provides authentic database of active buyers and sellers from the international trading fraternity.

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